Doom Summoner
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Status Ongoing
Tipe Manhua

Komik Doom Summoner

Judul Alternatif 末世召唤狂潮, Moshi Zhaohuan Kuangchao, Mòshì Zhàohuàn Kuángcháo, Doomsday Summoning Frenzy

Sinopsis Doom Summoner

As the sky turned blood red, demons of the other world began to invade the earth. Wen Yu who died miserably is reborn back to the first day of the post-apocalyptic world. He switches to a special profession, Soul Master and begins his journey to change his fate in his second chance at life.Original Webcomic

Rilis 2022
Author 黑心的大白
Artist 原点格子漫画, 阅文集团起点中文网
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